AirlineCertifications provides all services related to creating new Air Carriers in the United States and the Caribbean. We also assist existing Air Carriers and Aircraft Operators upgrade to new equipment or deal with revised or new complex Federal Aviation Administration regulatory requirements. We take pride in enabling our clients the capability to navigate smoothly through the regulatory system. In the end, we help them maintain their focus on safety. It is the imperative.

ur Principal, Captain Paul G. Preston, has been involved in the Commercial Aviation and the FAA certification process for the past 40 years working on a daily basis in management, ground and flight operations and training in air carrier operations. He developed this company after seeing the need to assist others in the daunting task of navigating the regulatory process in order to secure an air carrier certificate.

Capt. Preston began his aviation experience conducting over 250 army aviation combat support missions in Northern Laos, Cambodia and Viet Nam during the early 1970’s.  He commenced his civilian experience in aviation with commercial flight operations in 1973. He is very experienced in scheduled and on demand passenger and cargo operations.  Here he served as Director of Operations, Chief Pilot, Instructor Pilot, Check Airman and Line Pilot with over 25,000 hours of flight time. All of this was conducted under Part 125, 135, and 121 operations on a continuous basis. He also is an experienced flight instructor and holds current Certified Advanced Ground and  Flight Instructor Single Engine, Multiengine, Land Airplane and Instrument Licenses.

We are available for discussing possible options and needs of your company by phone or meeting at your convenience. During the past 40 years we have established an excellent working relationship with the FAA. Please feel free to contact us on our website to answer your certification questions.