AirlineCertifications helps solve the common problem of getting a Commercial Operator’s Certificate or an Air Carrier Certificate by providing the information needed to get your operation up and flying. The most common issue is the lack of information that is necessary to provide the FAA in order to process your application. Our know-how and experience with the FAA save you time and money, money you could be making flying instead of doing paperwork. Please see the section covering the Five Phases seen in the menu above . This section provides an in depth explanation of the FAA certification process and will equip prospective air carrier operators with sufficient information enabling them to go forward with their certification.

AirlineCertifications has the resources you need

AirlineCertifications is airline pilot owned and operated. We're intimately familiar with the needs of the passenger scheduled, aircraft charter and maintenance industries. Because of our good history of working with numerous FAA personnel and Air Carriers in the Caribbean, we have become well known and have been recommended as a reliable source for air carrier certification needs.

We provide the following:

FAA Manuals and Certification Services

AirlineCertifications creates your manuals and or revisions and gets FAA approval. All manuals (Operations, Training, Maintenance, etc.) that involve FAA submission must go through 3 basic processes:

  1. We gather the operator, aircraft, and pilot information.
  2. Then we match the information with the related regulations to produce the manuals.
  3. Then proceed with the FAA approval process. During the entire process we keep you informed.
  • Minimum Equipment Lists
  • FAA Approved Company Forms
  • Cockpit Checklists
  • Passenger Briefing Cards
  • Airport Runway Analysis Program
  • Exemption andDdeviation Requests
  • Hazardous Materials Recognition Program
  • Security Program and SMS
  • Flight Attendant Manual
  • General Operations Manual
  • Ground and Flight Training Programs Aircraft and Simulator
  • Hazardous Materials and Twelve-Five Security Program
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Dispatch/Flight Following/Flight Locating Procedures
  • Proving and/or Validation Test Plan
  • Compliance Statement
  • Conformity Checks
  • Adding a New Aircraft
  • Adding additional aircraft - same make and model
  • Flight Attendant Training Program Curriculum and/or Revisions, if applicable
  • List of Aircraft
  • Internal Audit Program
  • Accident Notification Procedures
  • Pilot Safety Background Checks and Procedures
  • Safety Programs for Ground and Flight Operations
  • RVSM
  • Other Requested Authorizations
  • Agent for Service